Europe globeThe European markets are extremely diverse and marketing in Europe requires a great deal of knowledge, experience, flexibility, openness  and creativity. Every region, every country and often every city require specific attention. Many countries are multilingual and require marketing in multiple languages. Most countries in Europe are also multicultural and require attention to each culture your company wishes to target.

Like other large markets it is best to focus on one country or region at a time. Choosing that region or country must be done with a great deal of thought and understanding of the markets you are considering. Large companies have offices in most regions with local employees to be sure their marketing campaigns and sales efforts will be successful. Smaller companies often seek out local experts or partners to work with. Finding the right expert must be done very carefully. There are far more wrong ‘experts’ and partners than there are right ones.

Study, learn, travel, research, evaluate, consult with those who know.

Successful marketing campaigns require special attention to so many issues that it makes sense to work with an experience professional.


Questions and Thoughts

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