Creative Marketing

One of the most enjoyable tasks in marketing is the ability to be creative and to have fun. Of course we must always consider costs and return on investment as well. I found this very creative marketing email in my inbox the other day and thought I would share it with you.

Big Ben Photo Contest Email

Big Ben Photo Contest Email

This is an email announcing a photo contest for in Riga, Latvia. You would not usually consider a store that sells washing machines to sponsor a photo contest but this one is very creative.

In the 3 local languages, it invites us to take interesting pictures of home appliances and submit them to win a home appliance.

I like contest offers if they have a good chance of success for the participants. They are a marketing win/win. They are interactive and can generate interest for at least as long as the contest is going on and probably an additional 30 days afterwards. This email invites us to go to the Big Ben Facebook page as well.

If you are considering a contest to attract customers then make sure the prizes are things that people really want, the contest is fair and the participants have a fairly good chance of winning something. Be sure to spread word of the contest in as many media outlets as possible. This email has all the elements of a winning marketing campaign. Try it. Be creative.

And if you are in Latvia and need a home appliance, you might want to enter this Big Ben contest and have some creative fun.


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